Products by The Happy Company

Happy Head Tingler $17.99

(Used for Head/scalp Massage)

The Following Items are Microwavable:

Happy Squeeze Me $2.83

(Handheld Stress Reliever)

Happy Eye Pillow $10.30

(Great for Headaches/Migraines)

Happy Cozy Heart $15.99

(Great for Tummy Aches)

Happy Neck Wrap $17.99

(Great for Neck and Headaches)

Happy Lumbar $20.99

(Great for Backaches)

Happy Cozy Toes $24.99

(Great For Cold/Achy Feet)


4 oz Spray $12.00
3 oz Roll-on $12.00

Bon Vital’ Foot Balm $9.99

Backnobbers $37.47

3 oz Myomed Cream $10.30

Biofreeze products available for sale an our location

*Ohio Sales Tax Not Included


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